Wagnis /+ Experiment

Wintersemester 2019/2020

The project group IID (Grundlagen New Media / Interface- und Interaction Design) has dealt with the experiment and its risks this semester and analysed it in own experimental studies. On the one hand, in technical-scientific experiments that varify an expected result and make it reproducible – for example, in physical prototyping. On the other hand in open-ended, artistic processes designed to produce „risky“ results and sensory experiences, such as in Speculative Design.

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Shape-Changing Displays

Summer semester 2019

Shape Changing Interfaces are user interfaces that display information and enable interaction by changing their shape. Shape change can be done by changing the form, orientation, volume, texture, viscosity and spatiality.

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Who am I? – In search of the data-me

Winter semester 2018/2019

During the semester project students got to know tools to read and analyse their data. Then they started to tell their own stories and design them visually as software or data sculptures. The process started with an extensive data research and was documented by the students.

The semester has produced very different results: Hourglasses make it clear how much time passes on Facebook and Google, an analog Facebook calendar shows unexpected connections, a website examines the connection between weather data, account status and Netflix consumption. Can digital data profiles be compared with a Stasi file? Do voice messages characterize a person?

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rethink interaction – New Forms of Interaction

Summer semester 2018

Interaction for the control and use of new media and technologies can take many forms. The familiar interaction with displays on which software applications are used is extended by control via speech, gestures and body movements. Under the semester topic „Rethink Interaction!“ it was found out which further interaction possibilities are designable and desirable. The results are very different projects to rethink interaction. 

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fold/unfold – Material as Interface

Winter semester 2017/2018

To crease, pleat, gather, drape, twist, crumple, wrinkle, or wrap – folding can be considered one of the most essential of all design and architectural principles. In the context of Vorspiel Transmediale 2018, the exhibition FOLD / UNFOLD at DesignTransfer gallery showcased projects by New Media Design students from the Berlin University of the Arts, which aim to analyse the potential of the fold as a digital interface technology.

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