Interface and Interaction Design
Design in Troubling Times
In times of crisis, everything is questioned, much is improvised and safety nets are often missing.

In the past, design often reacted directly to a disaster. How design is done changes dramatically in these periods. Keywords, such as Co-Design, Makerspaces or Kickstarter are signs of these new forms of production and participations.

In this semester we distilled new creative potentials from the ongoing crisis and used this as a chance to ask questions around new forms of design. The class for Interaction and Interface Design (IID), was used as an experimental space for try and error to create new chances and possibilities.

In this online exhibitions, each student curated their own website to present concepts and results of their semester.

Click on the individual names to see their projects or scroll down to the gallery.

Prof. Kora Kimpel
Valerian Blos (KM)
Piet Schmidt (Tutor)
Linda Elsner (Tutor)
Davide Prati