IID: Design in Troubling Times

leave me alone

A visualization of the behavior in the physical and psychological world that people go through during a pandemic.
The person retracts into a small room to protect himself and others. The mental state of mind also changes to a feeling of inner contraction. The fears and needs for health or existence increase this state.

Small parts that lie free in the room contract.
This contraction constantly changes its form and behavior.

Leave me alone for your protection.
Leave me alone for my own protection.

Eyes look at each other.

Leave me alone in my happenings.
Leave me alone in my room.

Dreams of the wide world come up. 

Leave me alone with me and me.
Leave me alone in being.

Everything stagnates in itself.

Leave me alone in sterility.
Leave me alone cleaning everything.

Cleanliness outshines emptiness. 

Leave me alone in life.
Leave me alone falling asleep.