IID: Design in Troubling Times

memories of nature

In a moment of crisis where isolation is mandatory or where it is not possible to leave the apartment, also the most simple things are missed. One of this, is the discovery of new places, different interactions and the unexpected. 

Trough forms that are produced from a mixture of imagination and memories of the nature, I create a path in a room. There, one can experience the small things of a walk in a new and unknown place. It is kind of a small journey lead by curiosity. In this known room, made different by those forms, each object acts differently: some look for an interaction, others just exist in their own way.

Fog reminds me of early morning walkings in the nature. When everything is still, muffled in a sense of calmness. Little craters reproduce this sensation.

Maybe a flower. Maybe a leaf. If you get closer, it will reproduce the sounds of a singing bird.

An organism looking for interaction. It will wait with pulsating lights until you get closer to it. Then all the lights will be on.

The memory of a carnivorous plant. It produces an attractive perfume, that is emanate in rhythmic and regular breaths.