fold/unfold – Material as Interface

a thing is a thing is a thing

When does a thing acquire its thingness? What step of the design process marks the beginning of a thing? Is it the technical drawing, the 3D model, the physical object or maybe already the conception or verbalization of an idea?

A physical object is undeniably a thing, we interact with it in space and time and it is defined by that interaction. But we shouldn‘t see what surrounds us in functional terms alone. The technological-scientific calculative thought is dominant in today‘s collective worldview and the logic of feasibility a law unto itself. Without abandoning calculative thinking, we should question the frame in which we define things.

Material and form set a starting point, at which one can reflect ones thought processes away from constructs such as usefulness or function. This project consists of a series of 3D renderings and physical objects that stand as an expression of the potentiality of material. The main component of this exercise is an origami tube that is flexible and reconfigurable, assembled into sculptures of different materials, scale and form.