Experimental Labor: Can´t Touch This

Between dimensions

between dimensions

magination is more important than knowledge – Albert Einstein

The beginning of space with its division was approached with a very simple and cosmic idea. 

It started through an optical illusion to divide space. 

If my eyes look at the middle, it seems to me that spaces around the middle are separated. 

In other words, a third door can be discovered through these illusions. Through this first attempt, illusion became the key for me for discovering the space between dimensions. Then I became interested in how illusions were made up by our brains.

To divide space through illusion, I added the concept of reflection to connect or divide spaces. 

In order to understand the concept of reflection and to continue the experiment, the space was initially separated, distorted, or connected through a mirror.

Through some of these experiments, I was able to reach the final result of what I found between dimensions. 

This light is the light that is reflected out of the connected three-dimensional space at high speed. And the light from between those spaces show me something mysterious and cosmic, furthermore stimulating my curiosity.

The light is like a bridge to connect between dimensions, or something that I found between that. This form of light looks like a butterfly to me and also like someone’s face. 

However, I also had doubts that this was an illusion caused by my memory and experience, so I tested with the rorschach method once again with the light through this experiment

Rorschach Test