Experimental Labor: Can´t Touch This

Universe Soap Bubble

Memories are like soap bubbles they float in our minds only to burst, pop up or to be lost forever. This archive explores the macro and micro world behind soap bubbles. Soap bubbles can be a metaphor to many topics of our todays world from the universe, architecture, mathematics to alternative society theories. In Science there is a theory that our universe is made of tiny bubbles containing mini universes, in philosophy foams are being proposed to be a metaphor for our hy- per connected world. Bubbles are used to solve complex mathematical problems in which the minimal surface of bubbles is being explored to come up with solutions to minimization of energy. But bubbles and foams are not only currently of importance, even in hindustic ancient writings it is being said that the creation is as the froth that floats upon water of existence and disappears when it’s time due. Bubbles can be seen:

as a collective
or as an individual,
fragile and strong,
transparent and iridescent
Tiny universes and
gigantic spheres
Everything in just a spilt of a second