„When time stopped making sense „

We live in an unprecedented Pandemic, a siutation that forces us out of our usual routine. Not knowing how tomorrow will be, where the next meeting takes place and if we will be able to visit family outside of the country takes a toll on us. Our entire understanding of the modern, convenient first world seems to be incompatible with our imposed restrictions. Who knew Uncertainty paired with isolation made the entire concept of time preposterous?

„The last two weeks have been a strange ten years“ might sum it up best. Time of the day, day of the week have no meaning, this is The Year That Took 100 Years But Was Somehow Also One Long Day

While many tools exist that measure time, it was difficult to find a somewhat metaphorical way that would distance itself from usual depictions of time latency. I started to be very interested in the scientific properties of ferrofluid and how it could be approprieated to escape usual schematics. Gravity, linearity, response time. Especially in the long rainy winter days, I caught myself often drifting away mentally by watching rainsdrops cotinuisly fall. I did so subciouly mistaking the time that was passing, which made me realize that I had lost my sense of time completely. I started to work around the theme of raindrops, and found a way how to integrate ferrofluid into the setting. I started to analyze the relation between those drops bount to gravity dripping in linear time, and the fascination of the fluid that could be moved entirely on its own rhythm.

Film, Words and Experiment by Thomas Kuhn