Journal 8

Cover for the UdK Journal No. 8
on the topic „Shadows“

Basic idea:
There is no shadow in the two-dimensional world. Shadows only exist in the three-dimensional world when light falls on objects. Folded surfaces become three-dimensional objects. Folded surfaces throw shadows and thus bring a further level of information into the surface. 

The team:
The class New Media / Interface and Interaction Design of Prof. Kora Kimpel and KM Joanna Dauner was invited to design the title for this 8th edition: Isa Zappe, Linda Elsner and Merani Schilcher developed the concept and designed the cover, their fellow student Robyn Steffen was their model. 

Explanation of the technology: 
For this Journal 8, the team developed an Instagram filter that projects the own portrait onto a folding. This filter can be tried on the UdK Instagram account (@udkberlin)