Who am I?

Wolverine St

During the process of collecting my data in the internet, I that if you google my full name, you find on the first page a website called www.voterrecords.com, which I did not even know existed. It is a collection of my Information and the people living in the street I am registered at in the United States. You can find out my full name, year of birth, gender, my further family members, my full address, the day I got registered, … and all of this is accessible to the public. The web page is even further connected with other pages like www.truthfinder.com, where you can find even more about the people living in the street. I collected all the information about the people living in that street, was able to create family trees and tell stories through that. I was able to walk through the streets with google street view and make pictures of the houses and was able to find pictures of most of the people. Within a couple of weeks, I was able to find out more about this street than in the past 21 years.