Experimental Labor: Can´t Touch This

Lockdown Island

In order to fully experience and appreciate the world’s richness humans have been drawn to travel. However since the COVID-19 pandemic travel has been significantly restricted, often limiting our world to within the home or even a single room. Moving past my initial frustrations, I felt compelled to invent new ways to deal with such an imposing and unexpected limitation.

Using only a scanner and the objects already in my room I created a mass from which a new world emerged. Moving clothes and objects while scanning I was creating mountains, valleys, rivers and plants previously non-existent.

The word „isolation“ comes from isolé (fr.), isolato (it.) and also insula (it.) meaning island. The word „scanner“ was used in past times to describe a „person who examines critically”.

Through the act of scanning I wanted to investigate how I can reimagine what was already in my proximity. In that moment of creation I finally felt free. Free from any limitations and feeling supported by these newly redefined spaces around me. Things that were before so insignificant to me now became my doorway into an unlimited dimension of creativity and inspiration. From within my isolation an imagined island was born, which I preserved in physical form through this collection of postcards